Experienced Private Investigations in Pennsylvania

Experienced Private Investigations in Pennsylvania

Experienced Private Investigations in PennsylvaniaExperienced Private Investigations in Pennsylvania

Company Information

Investigative Solutions is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Our company is licensed, bonded and registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State.  

Our team collaborates with law firms, corporations, insurance carriers and small business owners. We have conducted investigations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for over 25 years.

To better serve our clients, our company has and continues to keep it's main focus in the litigation support arena by assisting law firms in all aspects of criminal and civil litigation.  

We have established a reputation in the legal community for our thoroughness, promptness and due diligence. We're recognized for submitting detailed, comprehensive reports in a timely and professional manner and we routinely testify in state and federal court.  

Our company works closely with litigation teams to develop a customized strategy from the outset to achieve each client's investigative needs on a case-by-case basis. Our comprehensive investigative products are routinely relied upon by attorneys handling high profile litigation in state and federal court. With over 25 years experience, our team has developed intelligence gathering techniques that unearth critical, valuable information for our clients.  

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